The Raven Music Project is the place where you you submit and publish your own transcription of your favourite artist's music.
To submit your transcription, use either .sib (Sibelius Software) or .pdf format. We will build a comprehensible catalogue of your submissions during the year 2018. Your transcription must meet professional music notation standards. All transcriptions will be critically looked at professional volonteers. If you want us to rework your notation, you must submit in the  .sib format.  
Please remember that all music is subject to copyright protection. You are allowed to transcribe any music you'd like, but not to sell it for your own profit. Fair use of sheet music includes personal use for study, academic and critical purposes, and the same music must not be for sale anywere else in the sheet music form.  
Please submit your zip file to:

And write us a notification:
Name of your zip file

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