Raven Music Classical is a professional music publisher that specializes in promoting composers outside the classical mainstream. Our metamodern composers write neo-romantic music, cinematographic music, music in various cross-over genres, as well as inspirational and meditative music. We specialize in choir, piano solo, and orchestral music. 

 Out now:
The Andalusian Garden 
for piano solo, 20 pages

Santiago Baez (1982)

Spanish composer, chamber music, orchestral, neo-impressionism. 

Featured works: The Andalusian Garden, L'Arlesienne Fantasy Concert

Out now: 
Ave Maria​ 
for mixed choir, 


Nils Erikson (1966)

Swedish composer, film, media, sacred, neo-romantisism. 

Featured works: Evening Star Mass,  Ave Maria.

 Out now: Poemata minora​ 
for violin solo and string orchestra,
20 pages. 

Martin Romberg (1978)

Norwegian composer, orchestral, neo-romantisism. 

Featured works: Fëanor, Eldarinwë Liri, Aradia, Poemata Minora, Quendi, Ëraendil, Valaquenta.

Out now: 
The Book of a Vampire​ 
for piano solo, 

Marco Lo Muscio (1971)

Italian composer, organ, sacred, media, mystery, neo-romantisism. 

Featured works: The Book of a Vampire,.

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"Every great work of art has two faces, one toward its own time and one toward the future, toward eternity." 

Daniel Barenboim