Fantasy Concert
Saxphone alto, piano and Orchesta
250 pages (PDF)
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Santiago Baez

Santiago Baez (born 1982) is a Spanish composer from Cordoba. His works have been premiered and performed at numerous international festivals in a large part of Europe and countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, Chile, the US, Singapore and Japan.

Among his most representative works, blending jazz, neo-romanicism, spanish impressionism and free tonality are L’Arlesienne Fantasy Concert for alto saxophone and piano, Piezas andaluzas for trumpet and piano, Concert for piano and orchestra nº 1 and the cycles Arkenciel, Mosaik and the four Rapsodias andaluzas. At the present he teaches at several conservatories of Andalucía.
The Andalusian Garden
Piano solo,
20 pages (PDF)
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