For many years the question has haunted me why most music, be it general popular music, alternative and metal music, even most cinematic scores are almost never transcribed to sheets. Properly notated, music is preserved for future generations and the possibility opens up for everyone to play and read it.
I thus decided to start Raven Music Project, a music score publisher on multiple levels specializing in transcription of valuable albums from the above-named genres to sheets. In co-operation with the artists, Raven is offering scores to all interested in studying the music at a profounder level.

Our edition house, perhaps the first of its kind, endeavor to become a leading player in the field and to adapt to the reality of the Internet. However, our mission is not a commercial one. We believe that the music of our artists deserve to come out from the shadows and into the conscious mind of history.

Thus begins Raven's journey for redemption.
Our transcribers
Andreas Häberlin is an NYC based, Swiss pianist and composer. He holds a master's degree (summa cum laude) inScoring for Film, TV and Video Games from Berklee College of Music. His credits include working as a music copyist for David Foster, musical director and arranger for original musical Ciao Bambino, and creator of synthesizer presets for companies like AIR Music Technology and Sample Magic. Andreas is an artist with Waves Audio, and recipient of a Swiss artist grant, the Thurgauer Förderbeitrag 2016