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The Blue Raven. The Raven Music Project is a publishing and sharing platform for sheet music made by and for fans of all genres.

According to a legend from the Athapaskan Indians, the blue raven is a spiritual guide that helps a seeking soul finding the Great Shaman.​​

The Black Raven. Raven Music Alternative is a professional sheet music publisher for alternative popular music.

The black raven got its color by the Greek goddess Poebus as a punishment for revealing the truth no one wanted to hear. 

Ovid, Metamorphoses,
Book II
The White Raven. Raven Music Classical is a professional general music publisher for classical composers. 

The white raven was the original raven. "Verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was born, I am." ​​
John 8:58 
"Keep cool and carry on"

The British Government

Draconian's legendary "Arcane Rain Fell" from 2005. Gothic Metal

Guitars / Voices / Chords, 52 pages
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